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WITH Goddess Funmilayo (JENNIFER L. HOLMES)

Hello, and welcome to BeDivineMinded.C‚Äčom. My name its Jennifer Holmes also known as Funmilayo or Funmi for short. I am so excited that you've come to my site. I label myself a Healer, Entertainer, and world Traveler. I receive great pleasure in making people feel good about themselves, through laughter, being their caregiver when they are ill, and sharing my experiences and advice with those in need. I am still finding myself, but I've learned to read and watch myself, as I would a great Book or a suspenseful TV Show. I've learned from my mistakes, and I can honestly say that, My Life is an interesting journey of Wandering, Loving and Growing; With so many Trials, heartbreaks, and valuable Lessons that can now be laughed about and shared. Traveling has been such a great teacher for me in my Journey of wisdom and I'm looking forward to exploring every part of the Earth. Don't worry, because for those that believe they can't, I will be sharing the journey with you and hopefully inspiring you to see the world for yourself. So please make sure that you Subscribe to my Youtube Channel Be DivineMinded.

BeDivineMinded Journal Book is now available

This Journal Book is a mixture of Spiritual truths, beliefs, personal stories, and resources (crystals, herbs, ancestor altar set up, natural laws, and more), included with prompts that will assist you in recording your very own spiritual journey. Check out the online store at to purchase your copy today. Part two coming soon where we will tap into shadow work and creating habits. Thanks for all of your love and support, I appreciate you. xoxoxo

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