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WITH Goddess Funmilayo (JENNIFER L. HOLMES)

Travel to Lagos, Nigeria.

I have put together a package to visit one of the most popular places in Africa right now, Lagos, Nigeria. Information on the trip Below. Email me at [email protected] for more info.

"Back to the Motherland"

Come and spend Eight days in Lagos Nigeria, where you will visit some of the worlds most Historic places, within the African Culture. Nigeria is Home to one of the main slave ports, that was used to ship Our Ancestors, to where we now know of, as home. When I first took this trip, I had no idea what to expect. I had the opportunity to meet some really beautiful people, who are just as enthusiastic about their brothers and sisters, coming home, as I am. Lagos, Nigeria has a culture like no other. The Entertainment, Fashion, and Hustle Spirit, will quickly catch your attention and make you wanna come back. I have put together a package of events, that will make your trip back to Africa, a memorable one. This Package is for those of Us, that are interested in returning, or visiting Home, and just don't know where to go, or how to get there. The package includes Hotel Accommodations, 3 meals per-day, transportation within Lagos and entry to events offered. Airfare, visa's, and passports can be purchased as a part of the package, but on an individual basis only (some people may already have a visa, passport). Please discuss this before you make your down payment. I will be working closely with you the whole process, this is my pleasure as well as a gift of myself that I am offering. I will personally be one of your tour guides, along with a Native Tour Guide that will also be available to us. 

Day 1

Many of us may know about Jet lag, While others have only heard of it. Jet Lag is a physiological condition which results from alterations to the body's circadian rhythms resulting from rapid long distance. Traveling from East coast, to West coast, from lets say New York to London, or Germany, the time difference is 5hours ahead, so your body will need some time to re-coop. Some of us may have connecting flights In other countries, and some may have direct flights, so we will all arrive at different times, this is why I would like to work very closely with each client, to ensure the best deals as well as timing, for I will need to make this as smooth as possible. I will already be there, waiting to pick you up from the airport and take you to the Hotel. The hotel that we will be staying, has a full kitchen, with staff, that specializes in Fine home cooked, Authentic, Nigerian food. They are very accommodating so if you want fried chicken and rice, or a burger and fries, they have that also. They have a full service Bar and Lounge area with a line of pharmacies and markets on the strip. The other Hotel is apartment styled, with a full kitchen, so that we can prepare our own meals. This day we will socialize, meet and greet with our tour guides, and rest. Lagos is about 5-8 hours ahead depending on where you live in America, so we will need to catch up on sleep and get unpacked. 


Freedom Park

Includes Memorial and liesure park area in the middle of Lagos, on Lagos Island. The park was designed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Nigeria. They have live bands, guest speakers, and other entertainment. Freedom park is also an old Brittish prison, used to house African and other prisoners in Nigeria, under the leadership of the Brittish. I enjoyed Freedom park with so much history and entertainment, it's a must see. 

****This day the ladies and Men, can be fitted for outfits, head wraps, dresses, pick out fabrics, get their hair braided and or shop for beads and things. We have the option for the tailor and Hair dresser to meet at the room as well as explore the markets. The Market was very homely with small local business owners. Reminded me of the Flea markets here in America.****


Mall, Movie/clubbing

Lagos has a huge Party and entertainment scene. The music is similar to reggae,The clubs are awesome with great vibes. I had so much fun at the different clubs and parties that I attended. It's a Must to visit the malls and Clubs whenever visiting a new city, state, country and Continent ;)


Badagry slave museam

This is a full day trip and must be done early, it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there and 1 1/2 hours to get back.

Badagry is one of the Major Slave ports and routes in west Africa. The laid back, cool citizens of badagry have much of, what we americanized afrikans would call "southern hospitality" compared to the fast city folks of lagos. The Museam has the first converted english "Holy" Bible, the first two story building, weapons, Cells used to hold slaves, a bunch of artifacts and we'll take a ride on the boat to the "point of No return," which is the journey walked by our ancestors to the Atlantic ocean to be enslaved and sent to the Islands and America. The tour Guide there was so down to earth and knowledgable, he was also kind enough to send us home with medicinal plants used to cure dry skin. 


Boat Ride

This day we will Take a ride on a big party boat, with one of Nigerias best Dj's a dance floor, and food. This day will be a party and a great day to socialize with locals and each other. 


The National Arts Theater

Is the Primary Center for Performing Arts in Nigeria, designed to preserve Nigerians Art and Culture. Here you can purchase quality Art to bring back or get shipped to your home, learn true history to share with your loved ones.



Olumo Rock

Popular tourist attraction in the city of Abeokuta Nigeria. A historical site since it was used as a fortress by the Egba people in early 19th century. One of the most popular tourist destination in Nigeria. Shops and Adire (tie and die) garments made and sold here. Nice view of the Ogun River on your way down from the Rock along with other sites and historical information given here.  


Erin Ijesha

(Olumirin) waterfalls

Located in Erin Ijesha, very beautiful waterfall. 

Last day to Rest and soak up everything we've seen and learned on our trip. Socialize, Reflect, Pack, and prepare for our Departure.

*Package includes Driver and transportation within Lagos, and surrounding areas, three meals a day, and hotel accommodations, as well as a personal tour guide. Visa's, passports, and airfare is sold separate from the package, but can conveniently be obtained through me also. This is something that we can work on together once downpayment is due, the sooner the better. Once downpayment is paid, I will work with you in obtaining your Visa, which is not included in the payment, this will not be paid to me but directly to the Nigerian embassy who will give permission to enter the country. Because I am a Certified travel agent, I will assist you and assist in any way that I can to make sure everything goes smooth for you. The process can be a little time consuming, but again I am here too assist.

$2000.00 package with $350.00 non refundable downpayment will be required to reserve a slot. 8-10 people per group so the sooner you give your deposit, the best way to guarantee a slot on the date of your choice. Couples package is $3500.00 due to sharing of the rooms.

Down payments are due as soon as possible to reserve room and your slot. Please keep a positive attitude and be optimistic. Payment plans are available as long as you have your ticket, visa and passports purchased by January 10th. I am willing to work with each person to make this Dream a reality. 

*** I am presenting this in advance because this package is a great opportunity and I wanted to leave time for finances, passports, and to obtain your visa. Vaccinations are taken or not taken, at your own discretion and not included or advised against by this company. I Strongly encourage everyone to purchase travelers Insurance, which can also be purchased through me, but will cover you in case of an emergency, to cover yourself and your finances. ******

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